The “Hamburg Summit's” programme consists of expert panels and keynote speeches. The conference design invites the active participation of the audience in open discussions and fosters a vivid exchange among all participants.

China's Economy: A Model Of Economic Development?

The fast-growing Chinese economy offers a lot of opportunities, but what are the major challenges ahead? What about the great imbalances in the world both in terms of monetary conditions as well as in international trade relationships? How will these imbalances eventually be resolved?

Developing China’s Automotive Industry

Will IPR-violations hamper the reputation and growth prospects of the Chinese automotive and automotive supply industry? How can foreign OEMs/suppliers protect themselves? How will the Chinese automotive industry react to the current over-supply? Do you see the rise of Chinese-branded OEMs, which might be able to conquer foreign markets? What about a genuine home-grown supply industry? What are the challenges? How to improve quality standards? Which foreign OEMs will be the winners/losers? What are the consequences for foreign-invested suppliers? Are the endeavours to respect WTO guidelines 'real' or do you still see impediments?

China In Europe / Europe In China: Current Status / Future Opportunities

The panel will look at the question of how far integration of Europe and China has progressed in recent years, especially in light of the advanced state of investment and business ties with the USA. Is Europe as engaged in China as the USA is? And is the reverse true? Is Europe playing catch-up in the realisation of China's potential? Is European engagement limited to the elite business and political level, or has it been transferred to the general level as well — in the media and among the population? And how does China see Europe: as a partner in its own right or primarily as a strategic and economic counter-weight to the USA? In short, are bilateral relations (if such a word can be used in dealing with Europe) in the shadow of Sino–US relations?

Opportunities In China’s Fast-Growing Consumer Sector

China is the fastest-growing major consumer goods market in the world. But nothing comes easy. A few years ago multinationals were adept at branding, imaging and advertising and had a good lead in the market. Now Chinese companies have learned these skills and are also very good at distribution and getting goods on shelves. Today the competition is ugly. Where will the consolidation come and how hard will it hit? Who will be the winners and losers among the hundreds of players in the big sectors? Is there a divide opening among the foreign companies? Have some figured out the China market while others have not?

Rating And Capital Markets In China And Europe / Financial Reforms

More and more Chinese companies turn to the capital markets. Over the last five years the value of IPOs from China has risen more than 45% and the value of bond issues has increased by more than 250%.On the other hand, out of approx. 8 million corporations and 130 banks in China, less than 100 enterprises had been rated by end of last year. Does this mean ‘big business’ for rating agencies or is there a Chinese way of tapping the capital market, which can just ignore ratings? Does an overseas listing help to expand a business? What are the advantages of remaining a private company? What are the opportunities for Chinese companies to list in Europe instead of the USA?

China’s Emerging Media Markets

What are the challenges reporting on China/Europe? How can this be improved? What are the business opportunities in the emerging media market? How will technology change the media market?

Opportunities In China’s Private Sector

Is there a special Chinese method of privatisation? How is it different in Eastern Europe? Where are the best chances for privatisation? Where are the biggest risks for foreign investors? What impact will privatisation have on the tax, accounting and financial system?

Managing China’s Needs For Energy And Natural Resources

  1. History and basic data;
  2. Role of National Development and Reform Commission in managing energy related issues;
  3. Role of the Ministry of Land Resources in managing natural resources;
  4. Decisions taken by the 3rd and 4th plenum of the 16th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party concerning land property rights for farmers and the case of energy security (involvement of the Go-Out strategy with acquisition of oil/gas fields abroad). Furthermore the panel explores the key factors behind the successful management of resources. What are effective measures to ensure a sufficient energy supply in the short- and mid-term?

China Expands Abroad: M&A In Europe

China today is not only of interest as a sales market and manufacturing base but it has become a major player with regard to global investments. In recent years, Chinese companies have invested in office buildings and warehouses world-wide. Various mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in Europe have filled the news. These transactions present great opportunities for both sides: ambitious brand-oriented Chinese investors and European companies short of capital. Yet, risks for either side should be minimised.

Financial Reforms

What is the status of China’s domestic capital market and how will foreign financial institutions influence it? What is an effective way to deal with the huge amount of Non Performing Loans?

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Guests of honour 2018

Liu He, Vice-Premier of the People’s Republic of China

Guests of honour 2018

Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition of the European Commission

Guests of honour 2018

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Federal Republic of Germany

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